Makes your old Android tablet a second screen for your PC Computer

Makes your old Android tablet a second screen for your PC Computer

Over and over we have checked the gadgets Android that you are not utilizing can be exceptionally helpful for different things, for example, transforming a cell phone into a table morning timer, video reconnaissance camera, transforming a tablet into a TV that you can put anyplace on your home, and so on .; nonetheless, this time you will exploit the screen size of your old Smart Tab that you will involve it as an optional screen for your PC. From Depor, we’ll walk you through every one of the means exhaustively, so recall.

It is vital to explain that you should initially download and run the program “Spacedesk”from your PC, don’t stress that the page has no sort of infection since it is the authority site of the said application, click here to get it rapidly and select the viable variant of your Windows.

What’s more, you should download a similar application yet on your tablet with Android working framework, here it is quicker on the grounds that you can find it in the Google Play Store by tapping on the accompanying connection. Another striking reality is that the two gadgets should be associated with a similar WiFi organization, any other way they can not connect.

Makes your old Android tablet a second screen for your PC Computer


-To start with, open Spacedesk on your tablet Android.
-Give it every one of the fundamental authorizations so it can work without issues.
-Presently, from the PC open similar program by double tapping on its symbol.
-Here in the “Status” segment it ought to say “On” assuming that it says “Off” transform it by squeezing the three vertical dabs (… ).
-The following stage is to open Spacedesk on the tablet and it will naturally show that there is a PC connected to a similar WiFi organization.
-At last, tap the name of that PC and it will show you a similar PC screen.

Done, that is all there is to it. Presently move the cursor from your PC and move it to the tablet screen, definitely it works perfectly and the creeps of the gadget being referred to gives you more space dissimilar to doing it utilizing a cell. If you have any desire to leave this mode, simply switch off “Spacedesk” on your PC and the Smart Tab will be unlinked.


The most effective method to know that my Android cell phone is viable with an application from Google Play

-Enter the Google Play Store on your cell phone utilizing the framework Android.
-Find the application you need to introduce, yet don’t press the download button
-Look down until you view as the “About this application” segment, contact it.
-Toward the starting you will see the depiction of the application and its elements, look down a little and enter the container called “Similarity for dynamic gadgets”.
-Ensure that the name and model of your cell phone shows up and in “Similarity” it expresses Works on your gadget.

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